SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Is A Magician For Disappearing In Their “Happy Ending” Choreo Video

No one knew where he went.

SEVENTEEN released a choreography video for their Japanese track “Happy Ending”, and Carats noticed something pretty interesting about Jeonghan.


Everything started off fine with Jeonghan standing to the left of Mingyu in the center.

Mingyu then moved to the left and Jeonghan disappeared. It happened so suddenly that it could be hard to process what happened, but that’s how skilled a magician he is.

Not only can he disappear at will but he can reappear as well, like when he suddenly replaced Hoshi in the blink of an eye.

Later on in the choreography video, he did show up behind Wonwoo, farther away than he’d been before.

Watch the magical Jeonghan in action here.