SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And Mingyu Once Explained Why They Can Never Be Roommates

They know each other too well.

In an episode of SVT Club, the members of SEVENTEEN discussed which members were complete opposites!

During the episode, the host Kim Hwan asked, “Who are members that have completely different tastes?

The group’s leader S.Coups pointed out members Jeonghan and Mingyu who apparently “Famous for this (being opposites).

Jeonghan took the floor and explained that though he and Mingyu are super close, the two simply have different tastes and behaviors.

For example, I can’t sleep with the music and lights on, but Mingyu sleeps with the music and lights on.

— Jeonghan

To help the audience further understand the differences between the two, Jeonghan shared a story of when the two were set up as roommates.

There was a story that happened before. Dokyeom (DK) understands my position. He (DK) makes sure not to turn on music or have the lights on when I sleep. So I use the room with him a lot.

— Jeonghan

While Jeonghan usually roommates with DK, Jeonghan shared there was a time where DK wanted to room with Seungkwan instead. Of course, Jeonghan was okay with the situation until he found out he had to share a room with Mingyu.

At the hotel, Mingyu and Seungkwan said that they’d share a room together. All of a sudden, Dokyeom said that he wanted to share a room with Seungkwan. I asked him who his roommate was and it was Mingyu. I thought, ‘Oh…Okay.’

— Jeonghan

To avoid any complications, Jeonghan shared he wanted to set some rules with Mingyu. Sadly, Jeonghan stated that it didn’t go as planned.

I went to go talk to him about the rules. I told him what I wanted and he could tell me what he wanted so that we don’t what we hate. I told him to not turn on the lights and not play songs when we sleep and he said, ‘Let’s not share a room together.’

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan shared he agreed with Mingyu that that was the best way to keep both of them happy.

Mingyu added that he has found that keeping a distance from Jeonghan in certain situations is the best way to make both of them comfortable. Mingyu also clarified that the two don’t hate each other, they get along very well and merely have different tastes and tendencies.

The best way that I respect him is to get as far away from him as possible. It’s not because I hate him. It’s so that we’re both comfortable.

— Mingyu

Jeonghan explained that since the two are so close, they know what each other likes and avoids doing things they dislike. What a great friendship!

We both know what each person hates, so we try to be careful and avoid that. I think it’s great that we both think about that.

— Jeonghan




Source: Naver TV