SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Reveals Which Member Of The Group Is The Most Difficult To Prank

Jeonghan is definitely SEVENTEEN’s trickster!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan recently held an intriguing interview with 1st Look Magazine! Along with his interview, Jeonghan also did a lovely pictorial and modeled with GUESS perfumes!

In his interview, the group’s popular variety show, GOING SEVENTEEN was brought up. The new season started off strong and the episode “One Million Won” (aka “Jeonghan vs. SEVENTEEN” ) was especially popular! Carats know Jeonghan is the trickster of the group and the episode consisted of him trying to persuade and trick the members with his amazing negotiation skills.

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Surprisingly, Jeonghan revealed his ability to constantly win against his members comes from pure luck.

Q: The GOING SEVENTEEN content of “Jeonghan Vs. SEVENTEEN” was really fun. Why do you think it’s difficult for the members to win over Jeonghan?

It’s luck of course. In the past 7 years, no, throughout my 27 years of living, my luck has been good. I have been going with the flow but being able to reach up to this point is heaven’s luck. So, even while taking my vitamins I would think, ‘How lucky am I to be able to do this type of work? I need to take good care of my health.’ I also think being able to shoot a pictorial like this is also due to my luck (laughs).

— Jeonghan

The episode came about because, as the great trickster he is, the members of SEVENTEEN often have a difficult time beating Jeonghan. Despite their endless struggle to win against Jeonghan, the team finally beat him in “One Million Won.” Jeonghan explained that since the members are smart, he knew he wouldn’t have been able to win. Jeonghan shared, “It even came to a point where I thought that there is no way I could win.”

As to the method of mind tricks he uses on his members, Jeonghan explained that each member requires a different approach.

Q: You seem to be good at playing mind tricks, Jeonghan. How is it that you’re so good at shaking up your teammates?

Everyone is different. For example, I try to convince Hoshi like, “You’re on my team so you have to trust me!” But I know Seungkwan won’t give in that easily. So for him, I try to mess with his pride a little. I’ll say something like, “Even if you win this game, you’re losing to me.” (Laughs) And THE8 is impossible to convince. So I’m usually straightforward and honest with him, like, “Hey here’s what I think. But I respect what you think too. So do what you want.

— Jeonghan

While all the members are tough cookies, Jeonghan revealed one member to be especially difficult to fool.

Q: Wow, that’s actually pretty intricate. Which member is the most difficult to trick then?

Vernon. I actually don’t prank him all that often. It’s not because we’re not close. But Vernon doesn’t like being pranked. And sometimes, he takes things more seriously than I intend. And I’ve come to understand that about him. So, as a way of respecting him, I don’t prank him. Instead, Vernon and I talk a lot – especially when we need somewhere to vent and get real. We’re completely open with each other.

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan (left) and Vernon (right) | SEVENTEEN/YouTube
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