SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Shared How DK Made Him Cry

This is so heart warming!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan opened up about why he cried because of DK in the latest episode of INSIDE SEVENTEEN.

DK recently performed as a musical actor where he starred as the main character. Jeonghan shared how proud he was of DK when he was watching him perform on stage.

Jeonghan said that memories of DK from when they were trainees flashed in his mind and it made him emotional.

Jeonghan mentioned that DK used to cry a lot during their trainee days, and he felt that DK grew up a lot since then.

He added that DK used to lack confidence back when they were training to make their debut, and seeing him performing on stage as the lead character for a musical warmed his heart so much to the point where he ended up crying.

Jeonghan shared that his manager was asking him why he was sobbing while watching the musical, but he just kept on crying.

Jeonghan is extremely proud of DK having seen him from the person who used to lack confidence to growing up, and eventually performing as a lead character in his first musical.

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