SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Shows His Body Language Skills

Jeonghan can act anything out!

In another episode of 1min7Sec CHALLENGESEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan showed that he has great body language through playing a game of charades!

Jeonghan’s mission was to have DK guess all the words mentioned in the sentence Wonwoo prepared for him to act, within 1 minute and 7 seconds.

The first round was “giraffe and elephant ran away from the lion, but they slipped because they stepped on the crocodile’s eyes.”

Out of 8 words, DK was able to guess 7, all thanks to Jeonghan’s very good and lively acting.

Considering the fact that DK was able to guess 7 words within 1 minute and 7 seconds, Jeonghan sure did a good job in acting out the difficult words Wonwoo gave him.

When Jeonghan was the one tasked to act out the keywords again for the third round, he had a more difficult time acting compared to the first round.

Though he had a relatively more difficult time acting the words Joshua gave him, DK still managed to guess one of them.

Watch the full video here: