SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Almost Got Into An Argument With His Vocal Teacher Because Of This Minor Issue

Don’t do this if you want to stay on Joshua’s good side.

Most idol groups have hilarious stories from their trainee days and SEVENTEEN is no different.

Joshua is seen as one of the calmest and nicest members of SEVENTEEN.

But idols are still human and will inevitably be angry or sad from time to time.

At their “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND” fan meeting, the members played a game of “Guess Who I Am”.

One member would give a question and the other members had to answer correctly or face the wrath of a toy hammer.

Joshua revealed that when he was a trainee at PLEDIS Entertainment, he once fought with a vocal teacher.

His question for the other members was what the reason for this was.

After a few incorrect answers from Mingyu, who got hit by the toy hammer twice, Jeonghan revealed the correct answer.

Because [the vocal teacher] called you Hong Josa!

Joshua revealed that when he moved from Los Angeles to Korea to become a trainee, the other trainees at Pledis Entertainment wouldn’t call him Joshua.

Instead they nicknamed him Hong Josa. But Joshua was not impressed.

My English name is Joshua Hong, but they changed it to Hong Josa. I thought “Uh … this is pretty ugh …”

Jeonghan revealed that the nickname started when the SEVENTEEN members played basketball as trainees.

But Joshua was too long for them to yell during the game so they started yelling, “Hong Josa! Hong Josa!”

Seungkwan has been known for his hilarious struggle with speaking English so to no one’s surprise, he ended up being the member who used Hong Josa the most.

However, it ended up reaching a breaking point as Joshua was getting irritated with his new nickname.

So Joshua angrily told Seungkwan to not use that nickname anymore.

Unfortunately as soon as Joshua finished talking to Seungkwan, SEVENTEEN’s vocal teacher entered the room and called Joshua, “Hong Josa.”

Since it all happened during the moment, Joshua was unable to stop himself from making an angry expression.

The vocal trainer then scolded Joshua for his reaction.

All of a sudden, the teacher said, “Later on when you make your debut, are you not going to control your facial expression when you hear something like that?

However, Joshua quickly apologized and cleared the misunderstanding, saying he reacted that way because he disliked the nickname.

Thankfully, Joshua was able to debut alongside the other members of SEVENTEEN and the group has experienced tremendous success and popularity since then.

Carats know that Joshua took his teacher’s message to heart and that while he is prone to sassiness, he is still one of the calmest and sweetest idols towards his fans and members.

But despite his gentle voice and calm personality, Joshua has been revealed by DK to be the scariest when he is angry.

So whatever you do, don’t call Joshua “Hong Josa”.

The other members sure don’t anymore.