SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Made His Acting Debut And Mingyu Was The First Member To Clown Him

It’s all love between the members.

In 2018 SEVENTEEN released OST “A-Teen” for the drama of the same name, and they won The Best OST award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The drama did so well that season two is currently airing, and SEVENTEEN’s Joshua made his acting debut in episode 7. He, along with two friends, surprised character Ryu Joo Ha (Golden Child‘s Bomin) with a birthday cake.

Then, he asked Joo Ha why he hadn’t contacted them knowing they’re the only friends he has. It turned out that he’d gotten himself a girlfriend, and she’d already given him a birthday cake.

During a live broadcast, Mingyu revealed he’d seen Joshua’s cameo and congratulated him on his debut.

Then, he couldn’t help but to mess with his fellow member by imitating his opening line “Surprise” before bursting into laughter.

SEVENTEEN are extremely close and playful, so it was Mingyu’s way of showing his support for Joshua. And, they’re also confirmed to release an OST for the currently airing season called “9-Teen”. So, there’s plenty of reasons to check it out.

You can watch Joshua’s brief drama debut here.

And, Mingyu’s cute imitation at 21:16.