SEVENTEEN’s Jun Accidentally Bowed With NCT During Dream Concert, Now He’s Their Newest Member

It was all thanks to Renjun.

During Dream Concert, SEVENTEEN‘s Jun was able to reunite with his dongsaengs NCT Dream‘s Renjun and Chenle. He’d been so happy standing beside his friends that something funny happened.

All of the NCT Dream members had held each other’s hands and were preparing to bow to the audience.

Renjun reached out his hand and waited for Jun to grab onto it. Then, they all bowed together. Jun had been so focused on his friends that he’d realized too late that he wasn’t an NCT member.

Although he didn’t bow a full ninety degrees, it was enough for fans to joke that he could be a part of their group. And, he could easily join their ranks.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time a SEVENTEEN member could’ve been mistaken to be an NCT member. EXO‘s Sehun once spoke with Jeonghan thinking he was NCT’s Johnny.