SEVENTEEN’s Jun Embarrassingly Thought The8 Was A Childhood Friend From His Hometown When They First Met

If you thought your first impressions are bad, think again.

Making a bad first impression is never a pleasant memory for anyone.

And for K-Pop idols, sometimes they make a terrible impression in front of someone they end up debuting with.

This is exactly what happened when SEVENTEEN’s Jun first met The8 when they were trainees at PLEDIS Entertainment.

In a previous interview with “MTV Idols of Asia”, the host asked SEVENTEEN if there was anyone who had a bad impression of someone at first but ended up becoming very good friends.

The8 took the opportunity to explain his embarrassing first meeting with Jun.

When The8 first came to South Korea to become a trainee, Jun had already been training for several years. The8 was introduced to the other trainees as someone from China.

However The8 was wearing a cap that partially hid his face.

This meant that Jun was convinced that The8 was a childhood friend from his neighbourhood, so he was eager to reignite his friendship.

The problem was that The8 wasn’t even from the same province as Jun and had no idea who he was.

When the two had their first conversation, Jun treated The8 as if he was his former friend.

Jun unfortunately made some pretty honest and daring statements, still convinced The8 knew him from the past.

Weren’t you bad in singing and dancing? Why’d you come?

The8 answered that he was always good in dancing as he did b-boying.

Jun kept on commenting on how much The8 had changed from his memory of his childhood friend.

Oh have you always been stylish like this? It’s cool! You’ve changed! You weren’t this uptight before … You didn’t have earrings before either.

Jun even asked The8 how his younger sister was but The8 answered that he was an only child.

Even this didn’t give Jun the memo that The8 wasn’t his former friend. So Jun suddenly pulled off The8’s cap.

But at that moment, Jun realised that The8 wasn’t the boy from his neighbourhood in China.

To make matters worse, Jun recalled that he was wearing braces at that time and when he suddenly pulled off Minghao’s cap, he was so excited that he spat saliva all over The8’s face.

The8 remembers having to ignore the saliva on his face and kindly asked Jun whether Jun had mistaken him for someone else.

Jun felt extremely embarrassed by this encounter with a fellow Chinese trainee.

Because of this, I couldn’t talk to him for a week because it was too awkward

Thankfully, The8 has since taken this memory lightly and it is clear that he is not fazed at all.

But, his saliva was pretty sweet.

No, no, no! I’m just joking!



However, we all know that first impressions are an inaccurate reflection of a person.

Although they may have gotten off to a rough start, Jun and The8 gradually grew closer as friends and they both were able to debut together as members of SEVENTEEN.

But it’s pretty clear that neither of them will ever forget this hilarious encounter.