SEVENTEEN’s Jun and The8’s Difference In Personality Was Evident While Completing A Challenge

Opposites do attract!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun was required to fulfill a challenge within 1 minute and 7 seconds, wherein he was tasked to separate the “magic rings” from each other.

Jun struggled to separate them for a while, but attempted to use his strength to good use to pull them apart.

After 2 attempts, Jun managed to pull them apart and used his strength to fulfill the challenge in just 44 seconds!

He then put The8 to the test as well!

Unlike Jun, The8 was more calm when he was trying to separate the “rings,” and tried to use his mind more to fulfill the challenge!

The8 also attempted to use his strength when he found out that that’s how Jun did it!

He gave up using his strength, however The8 remained focused on mentally fulfilling it and, in the end, he succeeded, however just when the stop watch hit 1 minute and 7 seconds!

While Jun used his strength to separate the “rings”, The8 used his mind. The difference in their personalities was clearly shown while solving the challenge! Despite being close, the two sure have opposite ways of solving the challenge! Opposites do attract somehow!

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