SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s Birthday Cake Didn’t Have Candles, What Carats Did Was Breathtaking

All of SEVENTEEN had been touched by it.

When SEVENTEEN held their Japanese “Happy Ending” showcase, it was a certain member’s birthday. And, they did something special for him.

While they were on stage, a cake was brought out for Jun. But, that wasn’t the only special thing that had been prepared for him.

Because there weren’t candles on the cake for him to blow out, they had to get creative. Holding a hand beside his mouth, Jun made an exaggerated blowing sound as he moved across the stage.

So, Carats acted as Jun’s candle by lowering their lightsticks to match his timing, as if he’d blown out all of their lights. And, all of SEVENTEEN were impressed by how well Carats had accomplished it.

Most importantly, Jun had been touched by their effort and his bright smile was proof.