SEVENTEEN’s Manager Jeon Praised For How Well He Treats Fans

Carats are falling for him even more.

SEVENTEEN‘s D.K has been working hard while participating in his musical Xcalibur, flying back and forth between his busy schedules.

D.K standing on table in Xcalibur.

To help keep things running smoothly, Manager Jeon Young Hwan has been there to support him along the way.

His recent actions as D.K was leaving rehearsal left Carats more than impressed with how he handled the situation.

Fans had been lined up on both sides of the sidewalk to say goodbye to D.K. Because of this, Manager Jeon noticed there wasn’t too much space left for them to pass through. So, he politely asked fans to make more room and thanked them for doing so.

As a result, he’s become many Carats’ favorite manager, maybe even their bias, and they hope he’ll continue to remain as SEVENTEEN’s manager for a long time.