SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Can’t Help But Feel Shy As CARATs From Dubai Greet Him

Can he get any more cuter than this?!

SEVENTEEN is currently in Dubai for one of their schedules, and CARATs can’t help but feel excited for the group as this is their first time going to the country and performing there.

As expected, CARATs from Dubai were excited as well as their favorite group finally stepped foot on their hometown. They bombarded them with lots of waves and screams as soon as they saw the boys in the airport, and it’s obvious that SEVENTEEN has been enjoying and cherishing all the love they have been receiving.

Mingyu, in particular, couldn’t hide his smile and was shy when CARATs gave him their attention.

While he was in the car, CARATs were outside waving at him, and he started smiling and covering his face in the cutest way possible. CARATs were quick to scream at the sight of his cuteness.

Mingyu eventually waved and started to document the special moment between him and the CARATs outside the car by taking out his phone and filming the fans.