SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Hoshi Is The Only PR Team Pledis Entertainment Needs

They’re ready to take jobs left and right.

SEVENTEEN aren’t shy about being vocal in regards to what music they make or how their activities are handled.

So, it makes sense that promoting their group is something only they could do best.

During a sit-down with Tumblr, they were asked to make a choice between shouting or whispering everything they say. Mingyu chose to shout because he’d be able to promote their music better with a louder voice.

Although the question had nothing to do with promoting their group, that was their main concern. And, Hoshi had the same idea. He chose to whisper so he could spread their voice through social media and the Internet.

With both of them choosing opposite methods to reach the same goal, they gave each other a handshake to cement their new partnership.

They’re determined to do what they can to promote SEVENTEEN, and there’s no one who can compete with them. Pledis Entertainment should give them their new positions ASAP.