SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Jeonghan Get Makeovers By These YouTubers

They really nailed the look!

On tvN’s Nephew TV in My Hands, a program featuring numerous young YouTube content creators, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and Jeonghan appeared as guests on the popular twins Sua and Suji‘s segment.

For this particular episode, Sua and Suji gave SEVENTEEN members a full makeover, featuring the perfect “fruity” look to wear on a hotel vacation.

Suji decided to give Jeonghan a pink strawberry themed makeup…

While Sua worked on turning Mingyu into a human peach!

Fans fell in love with how Jeonghan and Mingyu interacted with the adorable twins. Check out how adorable Mingyu’s smile is, when Suji couldn’t help but laugh at her own masterpiece.

The girls’ makeover session was an absolute success, with Jeonghan and Mingyu looking more beautiful than ever.

Watch the full clip below for Sua and Suji’s “Fruity Vacation Look” how-to, so you can also master the SEVENTEEN level of gorgeousness!