SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Jeonghan Experimented With Instant Ramen And Fellow Members Did Not Expect The Result

Here’s a new recipe to try!

In a recent video, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and Jeonghan experimented with instant ramen and made stir-fried noodles instead of the usual ramen!

They started their cooking session with frying the meat, and stir-frying it with kimchi, eventually making the sauce, using the flavored powder that comes with the instant noodles, mixed the sauce with the noodles, and finished it with coating the noodles in egg.

Mingyu even added the garnish of meat and kimchi on top of the noodles, giving it one last touch.

Although the taste was doubted by some members after seeing what the final product looked like, both Jeonghan and Mingyu remained confident in their decisions. To the members’s surprise, the stir fried ramen tasted delicious, and they even loved it more because of the unique idea!

Watch the full video here: