SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Makes CARATs’ Hearts Flutter After Giving Them Gifts

He knows how to steal CARATs hearts!

After one year and roughly 8 months, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu recently had his last day as MC for music show Inkigayo.

As a sweet gesture to CARATs who have been supporting him since the start of his emceeing career, Mingyu prepared a box of macaroons and polaroids of himself posing differently for each one. Mingyu gave this token of appreciation to CARATs who were present on his last day as an MC for the music show.

CARATs were so thankful and were deeply touched my Mingyu’s sweet gesture.

The gifts really made CARATs happy despite being sad about Mingyu’s last day as an MC. Mingyu will forever be the best MC in CARATs’ hearts and are excited for what’s in store for his career!

Source: Nate Pann, Twitter and Twitter