SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reminds Everyone That He Is The Mukbang King

The King of Mukbang is back!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is known among Carats as the Mukbang King, having done multiple mukbang broadcasts on VLive. However, it’s been a while since he had a mukbang because of his busy schedule.

After a long drought of not having any mukbang content from Mingyu, the king of mukbang came through and posted a self-shot and self-edited video of himself with fellow member Jeonghan having a mukbang. And Carats were more than excited!

The two were seen eating different types of mandu deliciously in the video.

Mingyu used a lot of different fonts, and placed a lot of text in the video, with various transition styles. He also showed the empty plates after they were finished eating.

Carats enjoyed watching the two eat good food together and were thrilled about Mingyu back on his A-game as King of Mukbang!

Watch Mingyu’s full self-produced Mukbang here: