SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reveals The Story Behind His Embarrassing Predebut Photo That Went Viral

His “embarrassing” photo still looks amazing!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is widely considered as such a handsome idol that no bad styling can ever ruin his visuals.

When he auditioned, he casually rocked up in flip flops and was still accepted on the basis of his appearance.

But everyone has an awkward photo from their pre-teen days that they hope will never see the light of day.

During a live broadcast, Mingyu took the time to answer some questions from fans when one CARAT asked for advice as they would be taking their elementary school graduation pictures the next day.

Mingyu was bewildered when he realised that this fan was a decade younger than he was!

He gave the fan his own experience of taking his elementary school graduation photo.

He mentioned that he used to play soccer in elementary school and would start playing an hour before school started.

On that day, he played soccer as usual and was drenched in sweat.

When he entered the classroom, it just so happened that he learnt that he would be having his graduation photo taken.

This was even more unnerving for 13-year-old Mingyu as back then his mother used to cut his hair so far back that his entire forehead was exposed.

The result was this beauty of a graduation photo.

Back then, Mingyu had no plans of becoming an idol, but once he debuted, his predebut photo suddenly began spreading across the internet.

Hence, the moral of the story was that you never know whether you’ll be a celebrity, so as Mingyu says

Pay attention to your style

Regardless, Mingyu concluded that it was still an amusing memory and that the fan should reflect back on her elementary school experience with appreciation.

How great you look in the picture is not important. I guess how many memories you’ve made before the graduation matters more

After all what is done in the past is done, whether we were awkward or foolish, these are all memories that are important in setting the foundation for our current selves.

And let’s be real, even Mingyu’s “embarrassing” photo looks stunning!