SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Stood Next To This Idol And They Could Easily Be Brothers For This Reason

They just matched so well.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu was one of the hosts on the recent airing of SBS‘s music show Inkigayo, and he ran into someone that could pass as his sibling.

seventeen mingyu inkigayo

That someone was SF9‘s Rowoon. He was showing off his dance moves for their newest song “RPM” when fans noticed something similar about him and Mingyu.

sf9 rowoon

Rowoon was wearing a similar suit to one that Mingyu had worn during SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” promotions, and this got the ball rolling with an idea.

seventeen mingyu

Since Mingyu wore suspenders like he’d worn during SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice” promotions and he was smaller in height, fans joked that Mingyu was Rowoon’s “little brother.”

seventeen mingyu sf9 rowoon

The fact that they both wore past SEVENTEEN styles at the exact same time is merely the universe’s way of saying they could be brothers. Otherwise, what are the odds of that?

seventeen mingyu 1

. . .