SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Thought ITZY’s Yeji Was Falling And What He Did Will Make Your Heart Flutter

What a gentleman.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is one of the MCs for Inkigayo, and he was recently interviewing ITZY for their comeback. During the interview, ITZY‘s Yeji was seen taking a step back.

It appears Mingyu thought she was falling, however, and he immediately reached out to lightly hold her shoulder to prevent her from falling. When he sees that she’s still standing, he pulls back.

Netizens find this moment extremely heartfluttering, commenting on how much of a gentleman Mingyu is. Many are also saying that its adorable how Yeji seemed, unaware of why he held her shoulder.

Fans are loving Mingyu as an MC, with people mentioning that he missed some schedules in the past due to his activities with SEVENTEEN. Still, many agree that Mingyu is an amazing MC and he handles little mishaps well and treats his fellow idols very well. People hope that Mingyu stays as Inkigayo’s MC for a long time!

Source: Pann
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