SEVENTEEN’s Perfect Sync Isn’t Only For When They’re Dancing, And Here’s Proof

Their synchronization is no joke.

Although SEVENTEEN has thirteen members, they manage to move as if they’re one person, like the time they stood behind each other on Idol Room and totally nailed the choreography.

But, they’re so synchronized that choreography isn’t the only thing that they do in sync.

Jeonghan, Wonwoo, and S.Coups were standing beside each other on stage for Battle Trip filming when they all did exactly the same thing, as if they were mirroring each other.

They stopped clapping at the same time, placed both their hands behind their backs, and nodded their heads afterward. It matched up so well that it was like they’d prepared it beforehand.

It takes a lot of practice to match each other’s moves, so the fact that they were able to mirror each other naturally proves SEVENTEEN are truly the best at synchronization.