SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Called His Bestie ASTRO’s Moonbin When He Needed Help

He didn’t even have to think about who to call.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan took a trip with dingo. He had to complete one final mission, and it required him to do an ASMR quiz with a friend.


So, he called his reliable bestie ASTRO‘s Moonbin and immediately burst into laughter when he answered with the Japanese greeting, “Moshi moshi.”

To complete his mission, Seungkwan crunched on his food directly into the phone so that Moonbin could guess what it was. But, Moonbin was confused and asked, “What is that?”

After a few wrong guesses, Seungkwan became playfully irritated with his friend but still encouraged him because he knew he could do it.

When Moonbin finally guessed correctly, Seungkwan got excited all the way down to his feet. He thanked him and said, “I love you.”

Seungkwan and Moonbin have always been very close friends, especially if they can go from friendly frustration to “I love you.”

Watch their funny interaction here.

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