SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is The Group’s Hidden Rap Machine

Seungkwan is a man with many talents!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan was challenged to finish reading a list of tongue twisters for his 1 minute and 7 seconds challenge and he failed at his first attempt.


Other members like Wonwoo and Woozi tried the challenge too and succeeded!

1min7sec 1

While trying to fullfil a tongue twister challenge, Seungkwan mentioned that doing the tongue twisters felt like rapping and shared that he can rap instead.

1min7 sec

Seungkwanis a hidden rap star as he rapped “Queen” by Son Dambi. And Dino was so amazed and fond of watching Seungkwan rap the part!

1min7sec 2

Seungkwan rapped the part without looking at the lyrics and showed again, that he is indeed a hidden rap star!

Watch the full video here:

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