SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals Why The Groups’ Sub-Units Are So Important

They are only a good thing for the group!

Billboard recently revealed that SEVENTEEN is nominated for the 2021 BBMAs. After the announcement, the group sat down with Tetris Kelly and discussed their reaction to the nomination, choreography, and music.

In particular, he asked the group about their three sub-units and whether it ever makes the members competitive!

As a member of the vocal unit, Seungkwan explained that he thinks that they do get competitive.

Each unit has their own respective songs in our album, and we always talk about which unit’s track is the best.

— Seungkwan

Leader S.Coups then added that it was more of a friendly competition between members.

Seungkwan then emphasized that the lead singles always feature all of the members, and the rivalry between sub-units helped the group produce higher-quality music!

There is nothing wrong with some light-hearted competition. It doesn’t seem to impact SEVENTEEN’s relationship with each other, which is as strong as ever!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: FI and FI