SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals What Happens In Their Group Chat

He spilled the tea.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan was rewarded with black pork while on a trip to Jeju with Dingo. So, he took a picture of the cooked meat and sent it to SEVENTEEN’s group chat.

Then, he was asked which member talks the least in their chat. He revealed it was Joshua because he doesn’t talk at all and doesn’t read their messages.

Jun is bad at not reading their messages as well. But, S.Coups and Dino are especially good with reading their messages. Dino even sends sweet messages like “Members. I do love you all” and “We’ll do our best.”

Hoshi typically sends encouraging messages to raise the group’s spirits. On the other hand, Vernon likes to send all of them funny pictures, which fits his personality perfectly.

With 13 of them, the number of group chat notifications are probably way too many to count. So, it’s most likely that some of them turn off notifications for their chat.

Listen to Seungkwan spill the tea about his members.