SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan surprises reporters with his kindness

Seungkwan was in the holiday spirit as these reporters found out.

Boo Seungkwan is one of the sweetest and most genuine idols. He is always seen supporting other members and showing respect to his sunbaes, but one of the most thoughtful things he has done recently was for reporters! SEVENTEEN was on their way to film for KBSMusic Bank when they stopped for photos. Seungkwan decided to share an early Christmas gift with the reporters. After they finished taking their pictures, Seungkwan passed out Jeju tangerines to thank them for working so early.

Seungkwan even had to apologize because there were not enough tangerines for everyone! Don’t worry Seungkwan, it’s the thought that counts. SEVENTEEN is currently promoting for their new song “Boom Boom”.  Recently, they performed special Christmas stages on M! Countdown and Music Bank. Check them out below!