SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Tearfully Explains How Hard Trainee Life Was Without His Mom

It was a tearful reunion for both of them.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan was able to reunite with his mom while filming in his hometown of Jeju with Dingo.

After his mom had prepared dinner, he was asked how many times a year he gets to meet up with her. He shared that his mom comes to their concerts, which meant at least 4 times a year.

Then, it lead to a discussion of his trainee life and how he only had 4 days back then to see his mom. And, he had spent all of those days crying and hugging his mom because he missed her so much.

Since he was far from home and his mom while training, it was hard for him to adjust and he cried often. But, he wasn’t alone because his mom missed him so much that she cried too.

His mom remembered how Seungkwan would cry whenever she sent him off at the airport. And, just thinking about those times brought tears to his eyes.

Training to be an idol is difficult on its own, so he truly experienced a lot without the support of his mom being nearby.

The love between Seungkwan and his mom was heartwarming and it was clear how much they missed each other by their tears. Watch their reunion here.