SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Warms Carats’ Hearts With Self-Produced Video He Posted On IGTV

Carats are thankful for these special moments with SEVENTEEN!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan posted a short video on the group’s official Instagram page of touching moments from recent Seoul concert, Ode To You.

In the video he showed short clips of his fellow members waving at the camera while they were on stage performing the famous “Aju Nice”.

Included in the video is a clip of SEVENTEEN saying their group introduction for the last time when the concert ended.

But, the concert didn’t end that fast! The group surprised fans again and ran towards their Carats after a few seconds of making them think that the concert was over. SEVENTEEN are the best prankers, indeed!

Seungkwan also showed clips of Carats from his perspective as he was roaming around the stage and edited an “I love you” message for them.

Watch the full video here: