SEVENTEEN’s The8 Accidentally Reveals Staff Member’s Face During Live Broadcast, His Reaction Is Priceless

That was the last thing he’d wanted to do.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 and D.K joined Mingyu for a mukbang (eating show) live broadcast, and there was a minor incident.

While D.K and Mingyu were eating, The8 took it upon himself to adjust the camera for the best view.

In the process, he’d accidentally flipped the camera to reveal their staff member who’d been on the other side.

Realizing what he’d done, his mouth dropped open. He then covered it and lowered his head while he laughed in embarrassment. After telling them what he’d done, Mingyu apologized on his behalf.

Since live broadcasts can’t be edited during airing, all sorts of things can happen. But, The8’s adorable reaction made it all worth it.