SEVENTEEN’s The8 Had To Dance With A Girl And The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Real

He had no clue what to do.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 attended an event held by Tiffany & Co. Of course there was music playing at the event, and The8 had to show off some of his dance moves. (He’s a part of SEVENTEEN’s performance unit after all.)

But, there appeared to be models for the event standing beside him. And, that’s how things got just a little awkward.

In the middle of The8’s dancing, the female model decided she would show off her dance moves as well. The8 didn’t know how to react, so he moved back a bit to let her shine and played it off while he gathered his thoughts.

The8 was taken aback, and it showed. It was definitely an awkward moment, and that’s something everyone has agreed on.

But, The8 handled it the best way he could and kept his cool in the end. How would you have reacted?