SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Was Unexpectedly Spotted In Tobi Lou’s Newest Video

He had to give a shout out to his friend.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon has been a fan of Hip-Hop artist Tobi Lou for a while, and they were able to start a friendship after meeting at KCON in 2018.

Vernon even made an animated appearance in Tobi Lou’s video for “Buff Baby”. It was based off Tobi Lou’s experience of driving by a water tower that read City Of Vernon while listening to Vernon’s rap in SEVENTEEN’s “Check-In”.

Now, he’s made another appearance in Tobi Lou’s newest video “Waterboy” but in an unexpected way. Tobi Lou’s phone case is a photo of Vernon, and it was front and center in this shot of him pouring water.

Tobi Lou made sure to include it in a few scenes throughout the video, so Vernon must be more than happy that his friend included him.

Check out Vernon’s cameo here. Who knows where else he’ll pop up?