SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Expresses His Tough Love For Group Maknae Dino

It’s surely tough love!

In the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, the members of SEVENTEEN had a debate on various topics that make no sense.

At the end of the episode episode host Wonwoo asked the members to express their thoughts and feelings during the debates. When group maknae Dino‘s turn came up, Wonwoo called on the member after Dino, skipping him.

Dino called on Wonwoo to get his attention and let him know that he skipped him. Wonwoo responded and acknowledged Dino, and pretended to react like he didn’t skip Dino intentionally.

However he still didn’t let the maknae voice out his final thoughts, and still proceeded with the member after Dino.

Dino called Wonwoo’s attention again and this time Wonwoo finally made him speak. However, only after saying one sentence, Wonwoo called on the next member right away!

Before Wonwoo closed the show, he gave Dino a chance to share his final thoughts, showing just how much he genuinely cares for the maknae.

Wonwoo was just surely just teasing Dino and was showing his love for him!

Watch the full episode of GOING SEVENTEEN here:


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