SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Gets Flustered When Caught By Cosmic Girls’ SeolA

He didn’t think anyone would turn around.

Despite being the smallest height-wise in SEVENTEEN, Woozi is one of the manliest members of the group. But, even he has moments that make him just a bit embarrassed.

During an airing of Mnet‘s MCountdown, Woozi was holding a trophy when he decided to do something cute for fans. He shook the trophy and smiled like an excited kid.

That’s when Cosmic GirlsSeolA turned around and spotted him. Woozi’s expression changed quickly and he stopped what he’d been doing, turning away in embarrassment.

Then, he pretended as if nothing happened by inspecting the trophy and holding it in front of his face to hide himself.

There’s only a few moments where Woozi reveals his softer side, and this was one of them, even if it was unintentional.