SEVENTEEN’s Woozi says he’s honored to be mentioned alongside BTS and EXO

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi has expressed that he felt honored to be praised alongside groups such as BTS and EXO.

SEVENTEEN recently held a showcase to promote the release of their fourth mini-album Al1 in the Olympic Hall at Songpa’s Olympic Park.

SEVENTEEN performing at their showcase for Al1. Image Source: Oh My Star

Currently, the three groups EXO, BTS, and SEVENTEEN are being referred to as “EBS” in the online community and have been grouped together as the “popular boy bands”.

At their showcase, the members of SEVENTEEN were asked how they felt, as juniors, upon hearing their group’s name being mentioned with EXO and BTS, especially after BTS won the Top Social Media Artist Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

“It’s an honor to be named alongside such awesome seniors when we only debuted 2 years ago. It made me want to show everyone more of what we had while preparing this album.”


Source: TV Report