SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s Advice For Dealing With Life’s Challenges

SEVENTEEN are really great comforters!

During one of the Q&A sessions from SEVENTEEN‘s fansigns, a CARAT asked Woozi for kind words he can tell those who are having a hard time. Woozi gave her and CARATs an advice which touched and warmed the hearts of CARATs.

Woozi starts by telling CARATs that happiness isn’t that easy to find, and that everyone has a different level of emotions. What makes a certain person happy, might make other people feel otherwise.

Happiness is very hard to achieve, I think. Everyone has different standards when it comes to the depths of feelings. No matter what happens, my feeling and emotion is the most important.

He also reminds CARATs that it’s okay to admit it when you aren’t okay and that to feel less than okay is a normal feeling.

When you encounter something difficult, it’s alright to say that you aren’t okay. And when something happy happens, it’s okay to express that as well.

Woozi said that it isn’t wrong to be sad, and that it is important to remain true to what you feel.

It’s not wrong to be sad. It’s best to just be true to yourself and your feelings.

Woozi reminded CARATs to allow yourself to freely feel and express your raw emotions and what you truly feel. He also reminded CARATs not to bottle things up inside, and that it is okay to admit what you truly feel, whether that may be sad or happy. Being sad is normal and according to Woozi, it isn’t wrong to feel sad sometimes.

CARATs were immensely touched by what he said and took his advice to heart.