SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s Facial Expressions While Fighting Confetti Is Too Much

Someone save this poor man.

At the end of SEVENTEEN‘s performance at KCON in New York City, confetti fell onto the stage to celebrate its ending.

In the middle of the chaos, there was someone that wasn’t too fond of it and it showed.

Fans captured Woozi trying to bat away the confetti.

He swatted at it more than once, trying his hardest to get it away from him.

And, the facial expressions he made while doing it were too funny.

He couldn’t even wave to fans because it had been too much for him, so much that his eyebrows nearly reached his hairline.

Just look at his face.

It looks like the confetti physically causes him pain, and it’s just too funny to see. Luckily, Jeonghan eventually came to save him.