Sewol Ferry Tragedy Gets A Tear-Jerking Memorial In This Short Film

Nils Clauss’s short, heart-breaking documentary about the Sewol Ferry incident leaves no one with dry eyes.

Titled “Last Letters”, the documentary portrays what family members of the deceased have had to endure since the accident. The Sewol Ferry held 476 passengers, most of whom were high school students. Tragedy struck when the ship sank due to a miscalculation while turning. In the end, only 172 passengers made it alive back to dry land.

In the film, the deceased are represented as figures wearing yellow masks and running in an unknown land. The film is interspersed with shots of the families of the deceased describing their experiences while posing for family portraits. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see the empty seats where the deceased should be. Some talk about the instant they found out about the tragedy, while others explain how they tried to cope with the loss. It has been two years since the incident, but the pain is still very palpable.

Nils Clauss describes the short film as “A journey through loss, space, and memory”. Experience the moving short film below: