Sexy, Cute, Handsome? One Word Is The Way To 2PM Lee Junho’s Heart

This is how he prefers fans refer to him.

2PM‘s Lee Junho recently sat down for a fun “Ask Me Anything” interview with ELLE Korea, during which he opened up about his experience filming the hit K-Dramas King The Land and The Red Sleeve, his photoshoot with Swiss jewelry brand Piaget, his shopping habits, performing with his fellow 2PM members, and interactions with fans.

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2PM reached their 15th anniversary this year, and the six members celebrated with HOTTESTs by holding IT’S 2PM solo concerts in Korea and Japan. 

Since his debut, talented 2PM member Lee Junho has earned attention for his many talents. From singing, dancing, songwriting, and composing to modeling and acting, the 2PM member proves himself to be a true all-rounder.

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Recently, Lee Junho had fans swooning after portraying the lead character Gu Won on King The Land. His appearance on the hit Netflix K-Drama earned him even more fans, as netizens marveled over his handsome visuals and captivating performance in the series.

During the interview, Lee Junho was asked what he prefers fans call him, and the 2PM member hilariously had thoughts about the subject.

Lee Junho was asked which he preferred between “pretty, cute, or sexy,” and the 2PM member hilariously replied by asking why “handsome” wasn’t included as an option.

When the ELLE Korea staff members answered that it was because he “always hears [he’s] handsome,” Lee Junho revealed that he liked to be called “sexy” because it “sounds the most attractive.”

He was then asked what fans called him the most, and he believed it was “cute.” To compromise, he suggested that fans can call him “sexy-cute” moving forward but hilariously clarified that “sexy” should still come first.

Now HOTTESTs know the way to Lee Junho’s heart!

During the fun interview, the 2PM member also discussed his time filming King The Land in Thailand. Read about the one part of the trip that stands out in his mind in the article below:

One Part Of 2PM Lee Junho’s “King The Land” Trip To Thailand Stands Out In His Mind

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