The 4 Male Idols SF9’s Chani Is Close Friends With

ATEEZ’s San is one of his four idol friends.

Between SF9‘s six years as a group and Chani being a former MC for Music Core, he’s met many idols over the years. While discussing which ones were his closest friends, he named four male idols.


Although Chani and Hwiyoung admitted they were both introverts and homebodies, that didn’t stop them from making friends. Chani said he had “many close friends” and named four familiar idols.

The first idol he named was ASTRO‘s talented triple-threat Rocky, saying, “Rocky, are you watching?” He wasn’t the only one from the group that Chani was close to.

Chani also shared how close he was to ASTRO’s caring and friendly leader Jinjin.

He then named ATEEZ‘s amazing dancer San and honey-voiced Jongho.

Although Hwiyoung pointed out that Chani and Jongho only hung out a few times, Chani explained that was more than enough, especially for an introvert like himself.

I think meeting outside once makes a close friend. It has that vibe. Are you with me, friends?

— Chani

Since Chani doesn’t go out often, these are the four idols he’s meeting up with when he does.

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Listen to Hwiyoung and Chani poke fun at how introverted they are.