SF9’s Dawon Pretended To Be A MONSTA X Member, But Minhyuk Wasn’t Having It

Dawon thought his friend Minhyuk wouldn’t find out about it 😂

If you’re a fan of MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk, you know he’s never afraid to speak his mind. When it comes to his friends, like SF9‘s Dawon, that habit still holds true.

As the host for his show WDDD, Dawon couldn’t resist referencing MONSTA X and even calling himself a part of their team. Little did he know, it would reach Minhyuk. As friends do, he wouldn’t let it slide.

After reading the word H1 and thinking of Hyungwon‘s DJ name H.ONE, Dawon was reminded of MONSTA X. He revealed that he’d received a funny warning from his friend, “Recently, I got a text message from Minhyuk hyung.”

Minhyuk didn’t waste any time beating around the bush; he got straight to the point. Dawon repeated the message, “That if I impersonate him again, he’ll kill me.” It was the savage Minhyuk you’d expect.

What moment caused Minhyuk to joke around with him in such a hilarious way? In the first episode of WDDD, Dawon went to work making pottery. Curious if the worker had heard of him, he asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Even though he’d only known that Dawon was an idol, it gave him the perfect opening to have some fun with it. Rather than revealing that he was an SF9 member, he stated, “I’m MONSTA X.”

Because Dawon and Minhyuk are close friends, he knew the warning was playful and didn’t let it phase him. He made it funnier by blaming it on the staff, claiming they’d convinced him to do it. “I received such a text… But, oh well. This is carried out by the staff’s coerciveness.”

As if Dawon and Minhyuk weren’t funny enough on their own, they’re even more hilarious together. Fans will be looking forward to Minhyuk’s next dramatic reaction to Dawon’s shenanigans.

See Dawon mention the text message, along with the funny way he pretended to be a part of MONSTA X here.