SF9’s Inseong Reveals Why NCT’s Jaehyun Is A Real-Life Prince Charming

It’s not all about Jaehyun’s looks.

During a segment of We K-Pop, the hosts and special guests were asked to select male idols who they thought fit the concept of prince charming.

SF9‘s Inseong admitted there was one specific person he had in mind when hearing the phrase.

To be honest, I have a personal pick.

The person is a favorite among fans and non-fans alike, and now even an idol. They were none other than NCT‘s prince Jaehyun.

Senior artist, Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, asked what made Jaehyun stand out from all the male idols Inseong has seen during his various cycles of promotions.

You see so many [male] idols when you perform your albums. What makes him so special?

Jaehyun is well-known for his handsome looks; that wasn’t exactly why Inseong had selected him. He revealed it was all about Jaehyun’s great skin. Even without makeup, he has a glow about him that makes him seem like the ideal prince charming.

He has such great skin. I saw him with no makeup, but he glows. Despite just waking up… He has excellent skin?

It seems like Jaehyun’s skincare routine has paid off by giving him the glow that only a prince charming can have. Since glowing skin isn’t only due to how well its taken care of, Jaehyun is most likely living his happiest life.

Watch Inseong praise Jaehyun’s prince charming-level skin here.