SF9’s Jaeyoon Won’t Be Making An Instagram Anytime Soon, Here’s Why

He’s the only member who doesn’t have an account.

While most of the SF9 members are connecting with fans through their personal Instagram accounts, there’s one member who hasn’t taken that step. Jaeyoon revealed why it won’t be happening anytime soon.

Jaeyoon | @SF9official/Twitter

During an interview with The Star Magazine, a fan asked if Jaeyoon planned on making an Instagram account at all.

Jaeyoon admitted it wasn’t the first time he’d been asked about it. He said, “I get this question a lot these days, asking when I’m gonna make an Instagram.

He shared that it wasn’t something he was particularly interested in doing but would revisit the idea because of fans. Jaeyoon admitted, “I don’t have any thoughts about that, but I’m gonna consider that.

Though Jaeyoon would give the idea a second thought, it looks like he won’t be making his Instagram debut anytime soon. Fortunately, fans can still get all of Jaeyoon’s updates from the group’s Twitter.