SF9 Rawoon Doesn’t Know How to Take a Selfie

SF9’s Rowoon was spotted taking selfies in an unusual way, and netizens are finding it adorable.

On an online community portal, pictures surfaced of SF9’s Rowoon taking a selfie with the back camera on his phone, and fans are swooning over how handsome he looks in the photo that he took.

SF9’s Rowoon takes a selfie with the back camera instead of his phone’s front camera.

Most people take selfies with a phone’s front camera as you can see yourself while taking a photo, but this doesn’t seem to be a concern for Rowoon.

Fans commented on how they knew Rowoon was incredibly handsome to begin with, but this selfie had made them reevaluate just how handsome he really was.

Check out his gorgeous selfie below!

The end result of Rowoon’s back-camera selfie!

Source: Instiz