Tall Rowoon Makes the Sweetest Gesture to Accommodate Kim Hye Yoon’s Short Height

Rowoon’s so tall that he couldn’t hear what Kim Hye Yoon was saying.

MBC’s Extraordinary You recently shared a behind-the-scenes clip of a sweet interaction between SF9‘s Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon.

The clip shows Rowoon and Kim Hye Yoon chatting between takes, and the way Rowoon bent down to listen to Hye Yoon is too cute for words.

Due to Rowoon’s very tall height (1.91 meters), he was unable to hear Kim Hye Yoon and asked what she was saying.

He then proceeded to lean into Kim Hye Yoon (1.6 meters), and bent down significantly to hear her out.

This sweet interaction was captured on camera, making fans adore Rowoon that much more.

Fans who saw this interaction responded with comments such as “My heart is pounding like crazy” and “I love that they have a huge height difference“.

Rowoon is such a gentleman!

Source: Insight