SF9’s Rowoon Reveals How He Treated His First Love

“She’s the person I loved the most during my life of 24 years.”

On the latest episode of Happy TogetherRowoon guested along with Red Velvet‘s Joy. Since SF9 have been sweeping up music show wins with promotions for “Good Guy”, the cast asked where he received the inspiration behind the song.

In the process of answering, he revealed what kind of boyfriend he was to his former girlfriend, who happened to be his first love.

When addressing the rumor that he’d learned about romance through books, Rowoon admitted it wasn’t the whole truth. That’s when he revealed that he’d had a girlfriend before he debuted, “I thought of my memories with her.”

She hadn’t been just a girlfriend to Rowoon, either: “She was my first love.” That’s when someone asked if he was the “devoted type” when dating, based on something they’d heard. From his perspective, Rowoon didn’t realize what that meant. When he shared how he treated his girlfriend, it all made sense.

One time, when he’d found out that she was sick, Rowoon made tea and delivered it to her. What really amazed everyone was how far he’d gone to deliver it.

Since he’d lived near Samseong Station at the time, while she lived in Bundang, he had to take a bus to reach her. Rowoon would also bring her porridge that he made himself, “Anyone would do that for the person they love.”

Rowoon truly is the attentive gentleman he appears to be. Watch him talk about how caring he’d been to his first love.