SF9’s Taeyang Proved He Was The World’s Proudest EXO Fanboy

Taeyang is a true EXO fan.

Hearts have been melting after fans found out that SF9‘s Taeyang is the world’s proudest EXO fanboy!


Not too long ago, EXO’s Chanyeol took to Instagram and posted a message cheering on SF9. The message was to support the group’s 6th mini-album, “Narcissus”. While the message surprised many netizens because they didn’t know Chanyeol was close with SF9, fans were already excited for one member of the group.

“2/20 6:00 Comeback SF9. I hope that Zuho will get better soon so he can join them.”

— Chanyeol


SF9’s Taeyang has been a huge fan of EXO for a long time, so when fans first found out about Chanyeol’s post, they were extremely happy for him.


And they weren’t the only ones! When Taeyang found out about it, he promptly took a screenshot and posted it on the group’s official Twitter account! With the #IAmASuccessfulFan hashtag, he also proved he was the world’s proudest EXO-L!


His sweet fanboy moment has definitely put a big smile on everyone’s faces. Now the big question is when will we get to see an interaction between Taeyang and a member of EXO in real life?