SF9’s Yoo Taeyang Sends A Message To His Role Model EXO’s Kai, And Here Is More Proof That He Is A True EXO-L

We need a Yoo Taeyang x Kai collab ASAP!

When it comes to K-Pop inspirations, one person always seems to make their way into idol’s lists, and that is EXO‘s Kai. Since debuting in 2011, he has wowed fans and artists with his effortless style, dazzling visuals, and exceptional dancing skills!

In particular, one idol has never been shy about voicing his love and admiration for Kai, and that is SF9‘s Yoo Taeyang. As the group’s main dancer, he has shared just how much he admires Kai on several occasions and recently showcased it again.

SF9’s Yoo Taeyang | @taeyang_0228/ Instagram

Taeyang recently appeared on Legendary Trainee Soonkyu with Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny alongside fellow member Youngbin. During the video, the members were given two options to choose from, and FANTASY (SF9 fans) had to see if they could guess correctly. 

When it came to Yoo Taeyang, his first question seemed difficult as it was, “If you could give a special performance, would you write a song with Kai or choreograph together?”

Whereas Youngbin thought Yoo Taeyang would pick the first option, FANTASYs thought it would have to be the second because of the member’s love and talent for dancing, like Kai. Although he explained it was difficult, he finally made a choice.

This is so difficult. I can’t decide. Kai is known for his dancing skills, so B!

— Yoo Taeyang

When asked why he picked that option, it seems as if the idea of working with Kai is something that Yoo Taeyang had thought about a lot.

I’ve never thought of writing a song with him, but it kind of inspired me. But I’ve been dancing (with him) for a long time.

— Yoo Taeyang

Sunny then asked if he had a video message to send to Kai because many FANTASY would love to see the two of them collaborate with each other. Yoo Taeyang even asked Sunny, who is also under SM Entertainment, whether she could call him.

Well, hello, Kai sunbaenim. Are you watching this? Please teach me how to dance. Call me.

— Yoo Taeyang

During the video, fans also saw just how much he loves Kai after being treated to a small snippet of “Growl,” and, as expected, he slayed it from the very beginning.

Yet, it isn’t the first time SF9’s main dancer has proudly shown off his EXO-L side. In 2021, he got very excited after a fan managed to get a message from the EXO member reading, “Hi this is KAI. I’ve been checking upon (your work). Thank you very much for supporting me and liking (my work) all the time. I will always support you too!* I’m following/enjoying your dance. Thanks <3.

Even back in 2019, Taeyang wrote in an interview that his favorite K-Pop idol was Kai!

Fans have even known Yoo Taeyang to post some covers of the group, particularly catching attention for a cover he posted on Instagram of Kai’s solo track “Mmmh!”

There is no denying that Yoo Taeyang is a certified EXO-L and Kai lover, which is hugely relatable. He is also an amazing dancer in his own right, showcasing style, sophistication, and ease in every move. It is no surprise that so many fans want to see a collaboration between the two!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: All The K-Pop