Share Your “Last Dance” with BIGBANG in This MV Teaser

BIGBANG showed a more somber mood as they release the teaser for their title track, “Last Dance.”

On December 10th, BIGBANG released the second video teaser for their upcoming album release, MADE. The teaser started with a distinct piano melody with a hint of G-Dragon’s vocals. It continued with shots of the rest of the members, looking a bit somber, which fit the greyscale effect of the video. A brief preview of their track was also included in the background.

The gray, sad feel of the teaser was far different from the eccentric vibe felt from their “FXXK IT” teaser released yesterday.

Both “Last Dance” and “FXXK IT” will be included in their full album scheduled for December 12th. The album will also feature a new track, “Girlfriend.”