Korean Girl Gets Jacked Doing Pilates… And Now She Looks WHOA

She is truly inspiring.

Meet the beautiful Shim Euddeum.

She’s a pilates instructor in Korea, known especially for her “apple hips” and toned butt.

A few years ago she was also a bodybuilder,

But has since focused more on pilates and built more lean muscle.

Euddeum has not only gained attention for her flawless looks but for her incredible work ethic and dedication in maintaining her fit body.

But Euddeum didn’t have the easiest path towards her fitness. When she was younger, she was very weak and was hospitalized due to an illness.

While hospitalized, a doctor recommended to her to work out as a way to improve her health, both at that moment and for the future.


That was where she began her path to fitness fame.


While she may have looked weak at the time, she knew she had athleticism hidden inside her.

“My body was weak at the time, but I was born with athleticism. Thanks to the encouragement of my physical education teacher in 12th grade, I was able to see a new light.”

— Shim Euddeum

Shim Euddeum has worked her way up to doing 1000 squats a day to maintain her figure as well as keeping to a strict diet plan.

Now she is dedicated in helping others improve their fitness through pilates.


She holds large group sessions where the public can attend and learn basic fitness routines they can perform at home.

Her ultimate goal is to be a positive influence on others, and be a source of hope for anyone who may need it.

“I want to write 10 books on topics not relating to exercise before I die. I want to write messages of hope, so that even just one line can give hope to another person.

I want to be an influential person so that many other people can get a good energy from me.”

— Shim Euddeum

One thing’s for sure though, she’s already body and fitness goals for 2018!